Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Quick Movie Round UP

I could of planned this whole thing better I know.  I could of started the blog after National Novel Writing Month.  But I didn't.  So here we are.  I've seen some movies recently and here are some quick thoughts about them

Skyfall!:  Skyfall is a pretty damn good movie.  It is my favorite Craig bond movie by a pretty wide margin but then again I utterly hated Casino Royal so take that for what it is.  It is slower than many of the other bond movies and there is definitely less at stake.  The main villain is effective, creepy, and fun.  I wish he had a bigger end game though than just simply "I needs to kill M".  The movie doesn't stand up to any sort of long term scrutiny and it doesn't even remotely fit in with the time line of the other two movies and the nature of his injuries don't seem to make any sense.  So while I liked it very much I suspect that I may be one of the few voices in the crowd. 

Wreckit Ralph:  If you have a choice between Skyfall and Wreckit Ralph see this movie instead.  If you are only going to see one movie this month you might as well see this one.  I found the movie to be increadibly fun and frequently hilarious.  It has been a really good year for children's movies and this one is definitely one of the year's best offerings.  Don't expect video game reffrences every 30 seconds because you aren't going to get them.  Think more Toys but with video games.  I love it though.  Sara Silverman's character is perfect.  Just about everything she says walks the line between fucked up and utterly adorable.  Good stuff go see it.

Man With the Iron Fists:  I am not sure what I expected from this movie it certainly isn't what I got that is for damn sure.  The Man is a chinese kung fu martial arts movie and it is a good chinese kung fu movie.  You can tell that this movie is a labor of love.  It is made with the utmost respect for the genera and it is a real movie not some glorified music video.  This is an amazing piece of work and well worth your time.