Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Movie Roundup

So I've run into a weird issue where I am seeing so many movies that I don't have time to write about them.  This just isn't true but it sounds like a really gnarly excuse doesn't it?  Yes?  No?  Well fine.  I have some archived stuff but I am saving that for NaNoWriMo which is something I am excited about and you should be too. 

Today I've decided to do a movie round up over the course of one week I saw 5 movies and I saw 4 of them in the same day because, well after you see two movies in the theater it is hard not to go see a third.  I mean the popcorn becomes free after the first bucket and the soda starts to become free and you just get into that mood.  So over the course of one day we saw Hotel Transivania, End of Watch, Sinister, and 7 Psychopaths.  Then a couple of days later we was The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Now all I need to do is see Argo and Silent Hill and I'll be caught up.  This is what living without regrets looks like.

Hotel Transylvania is a fun little movie.  I'll admit it.  I wasn't wild about seeing it.  The young vampire girl is adorable and the guy is, well the guy is normally the sort of person who I shout "cool!" at then walk away.  It also stars the voice of Adam Sandler who is a person the world would be genuinely better off without.  Yet despite these two massive piles of misgivings I genuinely loved the movie.  I loved the zombies that made up the bulk of the hotel staff and the reason for Dracula building the hotel in the first place is oddly touching.  The animation wasn't Pixar but it did go a long way to making the movie playful.  It isn't best movie and it isn't even the best children's movie that I've seen this year but that is only because I REALLY loved the Lorax.  It is reccomended.

End of Watch is an intense viewing experience.  Its funny because we all saw Sinister right afterwards and I gotta say of the two movies End of Watch shook me up a hell of a lot more than Sinister did.  For a movie about a couple of street cops doing street things that movie was stressful as hell.  When you watch an action movie in general you are watching a character who is a near invincible super badass running around doing badass things.  Bruce Willis doing anything in any Die Hard?  Yeah sure why not?  Judge Dredd?  Got it super cop in super armor killing waves of bad guys.  The Raid?  Same situation as Dredd minus the armor.  Oh god that guy had a very "results based" fighting style in that movie.  However, in End of Watch you weren't watching super cops.  They were better than your average cops but they weren't super.  The movie would alternate between showing their life on the beat and then their personal lives.  The movie would go back and forth between the two creating this jarring contrast that felt impossible to deal with.  Furthermore the movie didn't follow any sort of standard plot structure.  I LOVE MOVIES THAT DO THIS.  When they got a call you didn't know what was going to happen.  You generally knew it was going to be bad though and as the movie went on you didn't really know where it was going or how it would end.  Now this is a found footage movie.  If I hadn't seen Chronicle this would be the best found footage movie I'd ever seen.  It is a solid movie that left me stressed out and happy.

Sinister happened.  I liked Sinister quite a bit and coming from me that is a pretty big dead because I am ten times harder on horror movies than I am any other genera.  I love horror/scary movies but they are often times SO BAD like The Lady in Black.  Anyway Sinister is good.  It doesn't rely on jump scares to be interesting and it has quite a few scenes that are just genuienly well done.  The movie has one of the most compelling openings I've ever seen and I'd say its worth the price of admission.  My biggest problem with the movie is that the main character father guy is by far the least interesting person in the movie.  He is also the least sympathetic.  At one point I leaned over to my friend and shouted, "whatever happens to this guy I no longer feel bad about it".  Okay I didn't shout but you get the point.  The father's character, a true crime writer, did a good job of making the plot go forwards.  He connected together all the other previous murders but his discoveries didn't really do anything to enhance the movie any.  He was just kinda there.  All the scary parts happened as he walked through the house and watched ultra creepy 8mm films.  I mean anyone could of done this so while it couldn't really be screwed up he also didn't really add anything.

I am out of lunch time.  Which is fine because 7 Psychopaths is easy.  GO SEE IT.  I love this movie forever.  If you haven't seen In Bruges see that too.  Then watch Layer Cake cause you should.  Okay bye. 

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